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Jun 7, 2022 | Virtual Selling | 0 comments

Many sales organizations have recognized the capacity of sales tools in virtual selling. As a result, sales leaders have welcomed the adoption of multiple sales tools with open arms to support the skillsets of their sales teams.

However, investing in too many task-specific tools can be cost-ineffective. Using multiple digital tools can slow down the sales process because your reps need to keep switching between tools. Sales leaders also get frustrated trying to get sellers to use multiple tools while learning too many tools tend to discourage sales reps. Therefore, sales leaders need an all-in-one solution that centralizes all of the sales tools that sales reps need to sell effectively in one place.

The right virtual sales platform can make your sales reps more productive, speed up sales cycles, simplify the sales process, and drive more revenue to your sales organization. In this post, we’ll make you understand what a virtual sales platform means and what you can do, as a sales professional, with a virtual sales platform.

What Is A Virtual Sales Platform?

A virtual sales platform is a one-stop software solution that allows sales reps to access all the elements needed to succeed in virtual sales. This platform offers you the tools and integrations you need to speed up your sales cycles and organize all your virtual sales activities in one place.

The virtual sales platform integrates with communication and collaboration tools (like your video conferencing tools) and other solutions such as CRM, calendar scheduling, and social media. It can offer sales analytical functionalities to enable sales reps and sales leaders to see what’s working and not working in their sales processes.

A virtual sales platform also offers robust integration for other standard software needed for internal communication, outbound call tracking, marketing automation, email marketing, customer success, live chat, and survey.

What Can You Do With A Virtual Sales Platform?

As a sales leader, a virtual sales platform can empower your sales team to conduct all sorts of sales activities, from simple daily sales interactions to tedious sales operations. Here are just a few things a virtual sales platform can help you with:

Host Your Sales Meetings Virtually

Virtual sales meetings are crucial to winning deals in remote selling. A comprehensive virtual sales platform can help sales reps with simplified communication and collaboration tools they need to conduct a glitch-free meeting. Sales reps can utilize these tools to their full capacity to foster productive sales interactions in a virtual sales meeting.

Share Valuable Content With Prospects And Customers

A virtual sales platform offers content recommendation and insight tools functionalities that will let sales reps know which sales content will provide the best value to the target audience in a specific sales cycle stage. With these valuable insights, your sales reps will hold more engaging and meaningful sales conversations with prospects and customers in every virtual sales meeting.

In sales, more engagement helps build a customer experience that converts. Meaningful engagement is also necessary for long-term lead nurturing and ultimately helps in driving revenue for your business.

Conduct Personalized Training And Coaching For New Hires

The face-to-face interview has become less common in today’s work environment. This is arguably due to the social distancing and other restrictive measures put in place during the pandemic. Although the pandemic is almost a thing of the past, sales organizations still choose to stick to the virtual way of interviewing and onboarding new sales reps.

With a virtual sales platform, a sales leader can ramp up new hires remotely. A virtual sales platform will give you access to the right tools and resources for the successful onboarding of new hires. You will get to use the platform to prepare and support new salespeople via training modules, self-directed learning, personalized coaching, and analytics while keeping track of their progress.

The solution to the problem facing sales organizations that use multiple sales enablement tools is to invest in the right virtual sales platform. With a virtual sales platform, a sales organization can reduce the number of sales tools used to one single solution while ensuring sales teams can access what they need in a single location. The platform is a one-stop-shop for all the resources and tools sales professionals will need to succeed in remote selling.

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