What are the success factors of remote selling ?

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Today, you’ll find a lot of information about remote selling on the internet. This is because the concept of virtual selling isn’t new again, and many organizations have gone remotely with the operation of their businesses. However, despite the vast advantages of remote selling, not all organizations can take advantage of these benefits. This explains why some organizations succeed at selling remotely while others struggle to make sales online.

The key to achieving success as a remote seller is to become aware of the factors necessary for success and incorporate them into your best-selling practices.

Factors Contributing To The Success Of A Remote Sales Team Member

We’ve compiled a list of nine (9) factors that could ensure your success in the remote selling landscape. These include:

#1. Letting go of limiting beliefs and negative mindset

Achieving success as a remote seller begins with your mindset. Limiting beliefs are false beliefs that have held many sales leaders back from pursuing their business goals and objectives. In business, your failure starts with holding onto limiting beliefs and cultivating a negative mindset about what you sell.

Many sales organizations that fail to succeed within the first 10 years are those established upon limiting beliefs. Let go of any limiting beliefs that can make you feel less motivated to perform your sales duties. That way, you do not become one of the vast majority of remote sellers still struggling to make sales.

Change how you think and develop a more positive mindset towards making your business successful. That way, you get to be more self-confident, willing, and consistent in pursuing your business goals as a remote seller.

#2. Revising your sales approach

The right sales approach can help your business wins deals virtually. In reality, however, consumer behavior is never static; therefore, the sales approach must constantly be revised to suit the changing preferences of consumers.

Here, your sales approach is the remote selling technique used by your organization to convince prospects and convert them into paying customers. And whether you’re doing well in your remote selling or not, it’s vital to constantly revise your sales approach to ensure its effectiveness in driving sales. Regular review of your sales approach can make you understand better which stage of your virtual sales process requires an improvement.

If you’re already doing good selling remotely, by revising your sales approach, you’ll get to improve it for a better customer conversion rate. However, if your virtual sales approach can’t win you a deal, you’ll keep struggling to succeed in remote selling until you review it and make necessary improvements.

#3. Establish a daily routine

To remain productive as a remote seller, you need a routine for yourself. Have a To-Do list that features necessary items such as your daily sales tasks and responsibilities, and organize them in order of importance. Then, discipline yourself enough to stick to the list and follow through. This way, you can stay consistent with your business goals while doing what you require to become a successful remote seller. Keeping a daily routine that’ll move you closer to your end goals is another way to stay successful in remote selling.

#4. Set up an organized sales follow-up process

Having an effective sales follow-up process on the ground, you won’t miss any opportunity to convert a lead into a customer. It’s believed that sales organizations with no proper sales follow-up process in place after every sales meeting they hold with clients are missing out on 98% of successful deals. Such sales organizations have left a big crack in their sales approach for their leads to slip through. A significant factor contributing to a remote sales team’s success is creating an organized sales follow-up process that would help ensure its marketing lead generation efforts don’t go to waste.

#5. Make the most of phone calls

A phone call is an essential tool used in remote selling. It makes it easier and faster for customers to reach out to buyers for an exchange of information about a product or service and vice-versa. Make phone calls part of your remote selling techniques to convince leads. Hold a meaningful sales conversation with your prospects or clients through phone calls.

Digital buyers want their questions answered about what you sell over a phone call. While on a phone call with a customer, pay close attention to their questions and provide them with satisfactory answers when it’s your turn to speak. When you’re done talking with them on the phone, they’re convinced to buy from you. You can leverage phone calls to follow up on customers after your first sales conversation to further push them down your sales funnel.

#6. Leverage video messaging and live demonstrations

Like phone calls, video messaging and live demonstrations are another great way to communicate with remote clients. While buyers don’t feel like talking face to face to a seller before making a purchase, they (buyers) still want to see what they’re buying virtually before spending a penny on it. Thanks to video messaging tools, including zoom, Skype, and Google Meet, remote sellers can hold effective video meeting with clients that allows live presentation and demonstration of products or services. Leveraging video messaging and live demonstration makes communication with clients seems more like face-to-face or person meetings.

#7. Focus on results, not time

Focusing on your sales results would help determine if your remote selling business is doing well or not. You can determine how effective your remote selling techniques are in generating and converting leads through your results. You can measure your business’s success by focusing on sales (the number of deals you’ve closed with digital buyers). It’s less important, however, how long it takes you to generate sales.

#8. Practice effective virtual communication

Communicating the value of what you sell effectively will help your customers and prospects understand it better. Here, excellent virtual communication is one of the essential remote selling skills to master. Digital buyers would want to buy from remote sellers with practical virtual communication skills who can help them understand the product or service through phone calls or via social media and other virtual sales platforms.

#9. Discover your client’s communication preference

Knowing the best way to communicate virtually with clients also has something to do with your success in remote selling. When clients use familiar tools, they are comfortable sharing information with remote sales teams. Digital buyers often prefer using simple tools that simplify communication for them. If you set up a virtual sales meeting with clients on sophisticated tools and applications, they are more likely to ghost you. This way, you will lose the chance of turning leads into customers. Therefore, it’s essential to learn about your client’s communication preference and match that with your own.


The success of remote sellers is dependent upon a few factors. To succeed as a remote seller requires more self-discipline and focus (among other factors) than it is for a traditional seller. Many salespeople love to work from home, but not many of them can remain self-motivated to sell efficiently when surrounded by all the comforts and distractions associated with virtual work environments. Only those organizations with remote employees capable of staying productive regardless of where they work from would keep closing deals and boosting their company revenue.

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