Sales Training Program Objectives

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Big organizations worldwide invest hundreds of millions of dollars in sales training programs every year to ensure the effective sales performance of their sales team. According to the Statista Research Department, organizations worldwide spend an average of $1,308 per employee on the training program. This figure can be a useful starting point to help gain an insight into the high importance sales leaders places on the sales training program. 

However, the figure is just an average any organization can invest in training and development initiatives for an employee. The actual amount spent training a new hire tends to vary depending on company size, employee’s skillset, and training type, among other factors.

A sales training program in business or sales management generally aims to improve sales representatives’ skills and knowledge in closing sales deals. In addition, a training program aims to achieve specific objectives to ensure a return on investment for your organization. These objectives include:

#1. To clarify sales responsibilities and expectations to your sales representatives

Event training is a sales training program that involves inviting a veteran sales trainer to your organization to help teach your sales team how to do their job better. In this training type, relevant sales quotas or target topics are usually discussed, and most burning questions relating to sales expectations are attended to. On-the-job training (like a mentoring program) where your organization’s frontline managers help sales representatives fully understand their daily activities, responsibilities, and expectations allows them (sales reps) to have a clear vision of the company’s sales process.

#2. To expand your sales reps’ knowledge of the products and services your company offers 

Sales training aims to help every member of your sales department gain an in-depth understanding of the processes behind the products and services they sell. A product-focused training is tailored for salespeople to learn about the company’s products or services that hired them. After the training, sales reps would have improved their knowledge of the products or services that they’re selling. Thus, they will be able to communicate clearly the products’ features and benefits to customers, answer most customers’ questions, and address product issues effectively. 

#3. To improve the sales skills of your sales force

Sales training for managers and sales training involving salesforce automation will leave your sales force with the skills that allow them to leverage various sophisticated online sales tools and technologies to track and report the progress of sales activities. The main goal of every sales training is to help develop the sales skills of your salespeople so as to maximize sales success for your organization.

#4. To promote salespeople’s understanding of your company

Process sales training is a training program focusing on spelling out sales procedures specific to a sales organization. In this training type, sales professionals learn about their company’s exact sales model, sales process, and sales cycle (click here to learn the difference between sales model and sales process). Process sales training ensures that sales reps get the full picture of their company’s sales process and put everyone on the same page working towards achieving the same sales goals.


Sales training programs are organized to achieve different objectives and fill the knowledge gap. Depending on the training type you’re providing to your sales reps, it should be able to impact your reps’ sales performance significantly. However, most sales training activities or programs are targeted to achieve the objectives highlighted in this post.

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