The Conversation About the Future

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The Q2C Selling method allows you to build a framework throughout your sales process. Q2C Selling is a method to better prepare for sales appointments, master your sales cycle and sell more  faster. The conversation about the future is the sixth and last step of the qualification process.

In this article, find the definition and the essence of the future conversation and discover how to structure it efficiently using the deck on Salesdeck: discover the cards associated with this conversation, choose the cards that work for you and customize them to your offer and prospects.

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What is the Future Conversation?

This is about ending your qualification with an exercise of projection towards a common future. Beyond the simple question of the immediate future during the sales process, you must project yourself towards the success of the collaboration between you and your prospect.

Why Does This Type of Projection Matter?

There is a significant information availability bias in all individuals. The more efficiently we recall information, the more accurate it seems. In other words, if we have already been confronted with a message, we believe it more easily.

So you see where I’m going with this: by imagining a common future, we create an occurrence, thus increasing the probability that the prospect will consider this future to be true. Do you have a doubt? It’s a bias that is very much used in communication. Why do you think there are so many advertisements with vague messages? The substance is not essential; the occurrence is enough.

Closing the Qualification with the Conversation about the Future

This conversation is ideal for completing the qualification, it is always a positive conversation, and it naturally allows you to set the plan, such as the next appointment. This is not mandatory, just a tip.

  • What information do you get from the conversation about the future?
  • The key success factors of the sales process

This conversation does not have the virtue of bringing up a lot of new information, but it has the merit of often bringing out two or three fundamental aspects to convince your prospect.

The Cards Associated with the Conversation about the Future

You’ve understood the principle and the interest of the future conversation, but you don’t know how to apply it concretely? Here are the cards that will be very useful for structuring your conversation and setting up your deck in Salesdeck. You are free to keep the cards that suit you and change the order in which you use them.

The R-factor Question

Project your prospect 3 years into the future and ask them the R-Factor question.

the conversation about the future

Future Conversation

This question allows the prospect to project themselves into a long and profitable relationship with you, which is very effective. But there is much more wisdom in this question than simply exploiting the availability bias.

The question is all about your prospect. You are not the focus of the question. You are including both the prospect’s business and personal goals; he is a human first and foremost who will buy your product or service. Stressing this will create a different kind of collaboration. The answer obtained will bring out all the fundamental professional and personal elements that need to be emphasized to convince.

Be careful; this question requires you to give your prospect time to think. This time of reflection must be a blank. Do not specify the question. Let the prospect express himself. This is generally true in all conversations, blanks are helpful, but you must be silent here. This is about your prospect, not you.

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