SalesDeck’s Roadmap


An unforgettable experience for buyers, sellers and sales managers!


We launched the MVP on May 13th, and from now on, new features will be delivered every 2 weeks…

The MVP has allowed us to :

Validate the concept of deck creation. They are easy to design, create and improve.

Validate the card game mechanics. Playing cards is smooth and buyers can enjoy getting into the game

Validate the usability of decks and easily navigating them during meetings – Going back, re-opening a document, etc.

Validate using apps to engage buyers in a way that they naturally respond to a question, etc.


Learn that open questions need to be addressed specifically


Learn that buyers preferred to use the apps rather than the deck

First, we will focus on improving the buyer’s experience…

Goal: Increase buyer engagement

Create conversation mechanics like quick note-taking, pre-filled topic cards, rephrasing (S1)

Generalize apps throughout the game objective, agendas, round table, multiple choice questions, etc. (S2)

Create card and app animations that boost that wow effect

Send emails before and after the meeting: preparing the meetings, reports, asynchronous communication …

Create a library where all shared documents can be found

And then the seller’s experience…

Goal: Motivate them (and make their lives easier!)

Making it easy to manage cards within the hand (folding/unfolding, suggestion, priority, etc).

Automatically create appointments from CRM or calendar applications

Integrate with video conferencing applications in order to have a single screen and a single link

 Automatically update the CRM BANT, step, report, etc.

Gamify your experience: Award scores, badges, ranking

And finally, the manager’s experience

Goal: to exceed business goals and enable remote management

Make pipeline reviews and one-to-one meetings richer with summaries, replays, etc.

Make sales forecasting and expense allocation easier with new dedicated cards

Design and update decks as a team with the ability to collaborate on a deck

Create challenges by customizing the scoring and badge system

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