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Whether you are the only salesperson in your company or you have a large sales team, you can choose a plan that’s right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use SalesDeck when you are the only salesperson in your company?
For a Solo user, SalesDeck allows you to better prepare your sales meetings, to have a structure that frames things well and to take notes consistently from one meeting to the next. With SalesDeck, a solo salesperson will be able to progress after each meeting and improve his deck.
How does SalesDeck help a solo salesperson scale their business?
In addition, by using SalesDeck, a solo salesperson prepares to build a team because he or she can easily onboard a new salesperson by passing on his or her deck.
Why use SalesDeck for your sales team?

For a team, SalesDeck also allows the sharing of best practices. The decks are pooled so that the team can progress as a whole and be levelled up

What is the ROI of Salesdeck?

If each of your salespeople generate 100k$ per year, and their conversion rate is on average 50% (75% for your top performers and 25% for your low performers). SalesDeck allows you to harmonize the best practices within your company, the overall conversion rate will increase to 55%. This allows an increase of 10k$ per salesperson. In this example, an annual subscription to SalesDeck at 490€/$ more than 20 times its cost, which is an ROI of 2000%.

How long does it take to set up your Salesdeck account?

The deck building system is very easy to use and very intuitive. You are guided through a tour to set up your account, build your first deck and make your first appointments. You don’t pay until you see the benefits of the solution.


They already support us

EN Thibault_Aliadière
I’m impressed by the simplicity of the SalesDeck interface and its card system that can significantly increase my team’s CVR and get our new employees up and running in no time. I can’t wait to test the solution and assess its ROI.

Thibault Aliadière

Head of Sales, Doctolib
(the largest french unicorn)

EN Mike Shultz

What is the biggest virtual selling challenge for seller ?
At 91% they answer gaining a buyer’s attention and keeping buyer engaged virtually !

Mike Shultz

President of Rain Group

EN Matt Sharrers

While most companies have announced their transition to a remote sales model, many still struggle with what it truly entails to virtually enable their teams.

Matt Sharrers



We’ve been waiting for a platform to revolutionize sales training and sales enablement!
Sales Deck delivers on this promise with a fun and pragmatic approach to implementing structured, tool-based sales processes.

Régine Blanchard

Co-founder The Sales Machine


Getting account executives engaged in defining a consistent sales process is one thing. Implementation and follow up is where SalesDeck played a key role.

The whole team is now able to nail down what works and what needs improvement. SalesDeck became critical to assess our whole sales process. The gamification part made everyone adopt it in no time.

Jonas Couffignal

Head of Growth – Iconosquare


CSOs expect 58% of the sales force will remain operating virtual by the end of 2021 (up from 24% working virtually prepandemic).

Gartner Group

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