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Increase Deal Size, Shorten Conversion Cycle and Help New Sales Hires Close Their First Deal In Less Than 3 Months…All Possible Through Sales Gamification

The future of Virtual Selling

Learn more about the innovation that allows salespeople to host virtual meetings: deliver better-prepared sales calls, access perfect guided selling playbook on the spot to close more whales and leverage insights on purchasing behaviors to avoid guesswork.

The idea for the invention came to me during Covid when all sales processes had to be done via video. And I have invested 2 years in refining this system such that it instantly slots into your existing sales system with minimal training.

Until now, the invention was kept away from the public and only accessible to a handful of Sales Professionals.

And those who had the chance to test it out in its early days –  From Heads of sales, Growth managers, Sales managers to Sales Coaches all had the same words of praise on their lips  – “Gabriel, we’ve never seen something like this, this is the future of virtual selling.”

Seeing the transformation it has done for these few….I am confident that it would make a wholesome transformation for you and your sales team.

The Reason I Decided to Do Something for a Change.

I’m launching this innovation for the first time to the public, and you will finally get to try it yourself….

This will be a breath of fresh air if you’re someone who isn’t scared of trying something new and lending your voice on how it can be better.

Because  I believe adding this to your sales stack :


would help sales teams…


Close bigger deals…


Deliver more personalized product demos that convince customers to become paid users…


Turnover the right numbers to those in the C-suites…


Cut down ramp time, increase quota attainment, crush revenue target and achieve a 10X growth rate.

Even better, Sales reps can focus on the only task that matters – closing more deals rather than memorizing boring scripts that don’t break through the wall of customer objections.

This is because we’ve refined virtual selling process such that:

It doesn’t have to make your skin crawl anymore.

You don’t have to put on a fake smile over videos to convince prospects to say YES to your product or service…

… And neither do you have to sweet-talk prospects to buy from you

I believe neither of these has to happen if you’re offering customers what they want and not what “You THINK they want.”

And that only happens when you have a proven process like the one you will discover in the next few minutes.


Read every word on this page to discover how to claim your special invitation to use this tool.

I know there are many details I still need to feed you on; you will get all your answers shortly.

EN Thibault_Aliadière
I’m impressed by the simplicity of the SalesDeck interface and its card system that can significantly increase my team’s CVR and get our new employees up and running in no time. I can’t wait to test the solution and assess its ROI.

Thibault Aliadière

Head of Sales, Doctolib
(the largest french unicorn)

EN Mike Shultz

What is the biggest virtual selling challenge for seller ?
At 91% they answer gaining a buyer’s attention and keeping buyer engaged virtually ! 


Mike Shultz

President of Rain Group

EN Matt Sharrers

While most companies have announced their transition to a remote sales model, many still struggle with what it truly entails to virtually enable their teams.


Matt Sharrers


EN Thibault_Aliadière

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel

Founder of SalesDeck

Hi I’m Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel,

And inside this letter is a special invitation to try out what I believe to be the best innovation ever to simplify virtual selling experience.

It’s something I have been working on for the past 2 years…

So I could help salespeople deliver better sales pitches over virtual calls and help increase conversion rate.

It will interest you that this idea was born from my love for role-playing card games such as Pokemon and Magic

So what's this system I'm talking about?

It’s a simple tool that covers every part of a virtual selling process – pre-meeting, during the meeting and post-meeting

It’s a system that equips you with every tool needed to convince customers to do business with you over virtual meetings – the right video, content, and answers.

And because this system has been simplified, templated and easy to follow.

It’s a game-changer for everyone involved in sales – SDRs, Heads of Sales, Sales Ops, and Frontline managers.

And yet…

Until now, It has only been available to a handful of people in my inner circle.

But right now, as you go through this page, you will finally be among a chosen few that gets to lay their hands on the system and integrate it into their sales process.

And when you do, I can guarantee that it will transform your virtual selling experience.

You and your team will finally be able to:

➔ Build genuine relationships with customers – ones that bring in referrals

➔ Land more whales in your pipeline and bag large quotas in commission

➔ Get more “Yes” than “No” replies


➔ Have a big smile on your face when you go out to a nice dinner after a big sale

Why am I so confident?

I’ve walked the walk with most sales teams, and when I say this is the game changer, it’s because I have a microscopic view of the challenges sales teams face daily.

But before we jump into that,

Here’s a Quick Backstory About Me and My Invention.

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel, and I’m widely known as the “Pioneer” of inbound marketing in France. I brought the concept into the country courtesy of my agency – 1min30, which launched 10 years ago.

My achievement at 1min30 has brought me the most fulfillment and recognition all over the world.

It has earned me the chance to speak about inbound marketing across several platforms – LinkedIn, YouTube, podcast and radio shows.

And yeah, my work at 1min30 has earned me a chance to collaborate with over 460 global brands, including SAP, Oracle, Onet, B & B Hotels, Salesapps, and Technologia, among others.

Leveraging my inbound marketing tactics, 1min30 currently boasts 200k monthly visits and has earned the right to be called “an independent profit generating machine” for me and my co-founders.

I do not say all of this to brag; rather, it’s to show my expertise in the business world.

Besides, my agency’s level of independence has allowed me enough room to dig into other areas of selling that needs improvement.


This is Why 2 Years Ago, I Decided to Step Back and Test New Waters.

That new challenge started with the launch of a series of projects aimed at teaching business owners in France how to do inbound marketing the right way since..

Most Businesses in the Country Thought Inbound Marketing Was All About Numbers.

And wrongly play the “vanity”  game:


Fill their pipeline with unqualified leads – slaps the tag on anyone who downloads their lead magnets.


Force their offer down every prospect’s throat before they even know who they are and what their business does.


Prioritize traffic acquisition over user acquisition

Acquisition Strategy Design

All I saw them doing was “Hope marketing.”

Hence, I sought to correct those errors with the launch of a series of programs that teaches how to do marketing based on collective intelligence.

The first program from that series was  titled – Acquisition strategy design.

3 more variations were released to expand on collective sales intelligence.

However, while working on the fourth variation – Q2C selling I stumbled on the inspiration for the unique virtual selling system I will be sharing with you shortly.

But First, You Might Want to Ask

What’s Q2C Selling?

Q2C stands for “Qualification to closing”, and this method is based on collective intelligence to co-construct a sales approach with your sales team from qualification to closing.

It serves as a complete guided selling playbook that allow sales teams to break down all the steps required to make a successful sale:

The right conversations to have

The right stories to tell

The right content to use across each buying journey.

But once established, salespeople must respect these processes!

But once established, salespeople must respect these processes!

Q2C selling is meant to be the messiah that saves business owners from washing plenty of dollars down the drain, but its launch was held-up by Covid 19.

Amid the pandemic, all our plans had to go on, but all activities had to be done via videos with limited contact.

We faced the biggest hurdle of keeping everyone engaged by leveraging existing video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet.

However, each of these tools had its flaw.

For instance, with Zoom, we couldn’t :

Control what we present in the meeting – we couldn’t show users the slide we wanted them to see

Provide analytics on buying behaviors, so we can easily differentiate serious prospects from the “time-sucking vampires.”

Deliver interactive meetings – no scripts, battle cards, speaker notes to minimize distractions

 Plan out our meeting – know the questions to ask, appropriate answers to give and content to present in the meeting.

With all these challenges in place, I couldn’t help but ask:

“How Can Sales Teams Effectively Close More Deals Over Virtual Calls?”

This became my only point of thought wherever I went.

It was the only thing I could think of during my lonely night walks in the street of Paris.

I seized every opportunity to bring the topic up with my entrepreneur friends in every conversation.

The response I got from salespeople in my inner circle confirmed my suspense:

“Salespeople Were Yearning for a Better Tool that Helps With Sales Presentation so They Can Close More Deals.”

This was the first validation I needed to confirm that my thoughts were aligned with real-life problems.

And it was enough to motivate me to start working on my solution.

And within a few weeks,

I Went From Idea to Sketch-up

To bring my idea to life, I had to take baby steps.

That started with partnering with a startup studio in France to create a graphical sketch of the solution I was about to build.

The sketch covered every path of the sales process – from customers visiting a website for the first time to sales reps converting leads to customers over virtual calls.

To do this, I had to combine a lot of systems.

The major flaw with this sketch is that it attempted to do everything simultaneously – a jack of all trades.

And secondly…

This would take longer to build… and  it would not be easy to find a market positioning.

As a result, our first mock-up was killed before it was even born.

Left with no choice, I had to put my thinking hat on once more.

But this time, I had to dig deep to develop a solution that was easily adaptable for everyone in the sales team.

Rather Than Reinventing the Wheel, I Had to Draw Inspiration From Existing Solutions.

Even though no one had a complete replica of what I wanted to build, few products shared its trait. One of those is Demodesk.

As the name suggests, Demodesk specializes in demos rather than covering the entire sales cycle via virtual meetings.

Stripping the architecture of all existing solutions to their skeletons, I discovered  that most sales processes were represented in the form of  a decision tree that looks like this:

The problem with a decision tree like the one above is that it has so many branches like the maples tree in your backyard.

This makes it difficult to follow and set up.

Even though the second version of my system adopted the modeling of a decision tree, which sales directors received well, the more reserved salespeople didn’t love this model.

To them, it was rigid and robbed them of their freedom.

It compelled them to memorize each path like a map.

The problem with memorizing a map is that it’s difficult to arrive at your destination once you miss a path.

Salespeople didn’t want to take that route.

It was more like saying, if a customer does X, do Y

The issue with this is that customers are hard to predict.

Sales conversations don’t follow a straight line like Jordan Belfort made us believe in the wolf of the wall street.

Customers in the present era are complex; scripts no longer cut through their objection filter.

These Objections Dealt a Second Blow to My Invention.

But I Was Determined to Do a “Thomas Edison” Even if It Meant Trying 999 Times.

Fortunately, it didn’t take so many trials.

My third attempt required a bit of luck and an “Einstein” level of thought.

It started with a simple question:

“In what form can the sales process be represented such that it’s fun, easy to set up, adoptable for every sales team and doesn’t feel like a chore?”

That was when a light bulb went off in my head..

And I  suddenly stumbled on a nice idea

For my system to be unique and successful, it had to:

Model an activity both salespeople and their customers enjoy.

Be so easy for EVEN a 13-year-old to understand.

More like a universal trend.

The only thing that matched all these requirements is an activity I have enjoyed since I was a teenager and one I often play with my entrepreneur friends during our leisure hours.

What’s that activity?

Hard to guess.

But It's Something as Simple as Deck-building Card Games.

Just like Pokemon, Magic and other card strategy games you’ve played

That was the form my new invention was going to take.

I know it’s hard to understand but let me explain:

Q2C Selling

An Idea Inspired by a Simple Activity as Playing Card Games such as Pokemon and Magic

Similar to pokemon

my unique solution allows salespeople to structure the virtual sales process in the form of a card deck.

Unlike in Pokemon, you can have more than 60 cards on your deck.

These cards will represent different components of virtual sales – reactions, topics, questions, videos, documents, speaker notes, host control and other sales materials you intend to use in the meeting.

This card covers every likely situation that might arise during the meeting; this way, you aren’t caught off guard.

The deck

The deck will be structured so that everyone in your team can access them, and you can switch host control between one another at any point in the meeting.

You can utilize a premade deck to save time or create yours from scratch once you fully grasp how the system works.

The deck will act as your guided selling playbook during the meeting.

And it utilizes the conditionality we see in card games.

What do I mean?

When your customer plays a card that says, “I will need some time to think about this”

The salesperson counters this objection with his cards that replies: “you have enough time to think about this, but when you finally make up your mind, the price might not remain the same”

This way, salespeople have different card categories for handling objections and other questions that might spring up during sales.

How fun is this system ?

Seeing how fun this system is, customers would also want to participate… thereby increasing engagement.

Secondly, once every feature of salesdeck is rolled out,  meetings can be recorded, and the salesperson can play them in their comfort time to analyze buyer behavior.

Since a salesperson can’t track every customer’s response, I thought of including post-meeting conversation analytics that highlights every customer’s answers to gain insights into their needs and expectations based on the cards played from their end.

In summary, this model attempted to improve virtual meetings by offering solutions that attend to every part of a sales call: before, during the call and after the call.

Does it work ?

This latest model gained the approval of everyone in sales – Heads of sales, SDRs, Frontline managers and even those in the C-suite who had tested a lot of tools that attempt to simplify virtual selling.

The most interesting part is that most of these folks couldn’t wait to get their hands on our MVP which launched in May 2022.

Even though I came up with the idea, it was refined by the voices of passionate salespeople in my ears.

How was SalesDeck born ?

It was almost like they told me what features to include, what color choice to make and what I should take out that didn’t relate to them.

I wanted us to build it together, and we did.

Hence, it wasn’t difficult when it came to picking a name.

 Since the whole idea models, a deck and the idea was refined by the salespeople in my community, and I decided to name this solution – SalesDeck.

And That Was How SalesDeck Was Born

adapt your deck

*All this screen have been registered at the WIPO as innovative Graphical Users Interface.


SalesDeck reinvents customer meetings

So What's SalesDeck ?

SalesDeck is a tool I created to simplify virtual selling experience. With this tool, sales teams are better equipped to improve engagement, handle objections, and analyze buyers’ behavior during sales calls.

As a result, businesses can create a customer-centric system that meets customer needs and expectations.

SalesDeck does this by breaking virtual selling experience into three phases:


Every successful sales meeting starts with preparation.

This phase allows you to prepare all you will need in the meeting room

This Is where you prepare your deck by adding all the required battle cards to help you tell your sales story and handle objections in the meeting

Practice how to use the deck with your teammates before jumping into the meeting room

Sales leaders utilise Salesdeck to send the agenda proposal for the meeting and common goal they hope to achieve.

Proposed agenda will be validated by the buyer and suggestions on new agendas are proposed as well.

This approach ensures both parties participates

This way, virtual meeting transforms from a presentation into a conversation

After all, sales happen when meaning conversations take place

In order words, this is the phase you sharpen your sword ahead of the battle.

This is where most of the hard work is, but as soon as you’re done,

You’re ready to jump into the room and close those deals.

During the meeting

This is what I like to call the battlefield.

All components you’ve prepared during the meeting – deck and cards are used to control customers.

Providing the right answers to their question

Breaking through the cloud of objection

Nudging them towards the “Buy” button leveraging the right conversation

And recommending the right content suited for each customer’s journey

When you utilize our card system well, you will be able to get rid of the clutter that holds up conversion


How many questions were asked

Where does the customer stand

The feedback we offer allows you to qualify prospects and know where to channel your marketing effort.

And those are the 3 phases you need to cross to deliver personalized sales meetings.

You have SalesDeck to equip you with the right tool to ace every phase, even if you’re a sales rep attempting to close a deal for the first time.

This way, you sell quicker and faster over videos.

Which on the long run, promotes sales readiness – a means of helping new sales hires to their first win quickly.

As you can see, SalesDeck is currently an all-in-one tool that adapts to a virtual sales experience.

And Our MVP which launched in May 2022, did justice to every aspect of a virtual  selling experience

The reason i thought It would be a big crime to limit such a solution to the hands of a few when thousands of businesses can benefit from it.

This is why I created a program called the early adopter program that allows innovative minds like yourself to own my system as if you created it.

The Early Adopter Program

Who’s an Early Adopter?

An early adopter is someone who isn’t scared of trying new solutions. They’re the driving force behind every innovation. By joining the program you get all the features and APIs of SalesDeck as they are released.

They’re the guys that anticipate new tools, products and services they can brag about to their friends.

They are also more forgiving and willing to accept the bugs and glitches from a new product.

They are happy to participate in developing a new project, and offer positive feedback, provided their feedback is taken into consideration.

They are the ones who will make SalesDeck grow.

They are the ones who will help improve SalesDeck and help us perfect every feature on our roadmap i will be sharing with you shortly.

And whose continuous feedback will help us define our ICP and, as such, find product-market fit.

These are the people I want to talk to.

What Does the Early Adopter Program Entail?

Members of the early adopter program will have complete access to SalesDeck.

Both present and upcoming features as well as APIs

Have a say on the product roadmap – vote on the features you want to be implemented in the product

Access to premium sales content and training

Businesses with a large sales team will benefit from a one-day custom workshop where all team members are taken through the steps for creating a SalesDeck.

Why Did I Create This Program?

Two reasons.

After finding an adaptable model that works for everyone in sales…

Then came the question of finance.

I had to choose between two choices:

Raise funds through investors and entrepreneurs in my circle.


Fund the project from my wallet (what most startups call bootstrapping)

After much thought and consultation, I decided to opt for the second option, which is a difficult path involving many risks.

But I chose this path because it eliminates the pressure of meeting investors’ demands.

And secondly,

This gave me the freedom to find the right category of customers I wanted…

Customers willing to lend their voice in helping SalesDeck achieve perfection.

This is Why I Created The Early Adopter Program, to Attract My Ideal Clientele.

So I can leverage their suggestion to offer the market EXACTLY what they want.

They are the crowd I’m hoping will take advantage of the existing features on the MVP

Because despite the fact that ….

…SalesDeck’s MVP focuses on improving virtual selling, our roadmap is focused on rolling out features that makes the software an all-in-one sales enablement tool in the future

This means in the nearest future, members of the early adopter program will be able to access the following features on our roadmap.

Content Management

Avoid the Scavenger

Hunt For Content

Sales reps can’t do it alone; this is why our content management tool is here to organize all your content in one place and share it across several channels in one click.

This way, all your marketing materials are set in one place, and sales teams can easily search, browse and make recommendations to prospects.

You also see how each content moves within the organization, identifying who currently has access.


SalesDeck and your CRM

SalesDeck integrates with your favorite CRM tool – Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and Sellsy.

Reporting on buyer behavior is sent to your CRM  to analyze customer engagement, content performance and usage.

This way, you can easily identify which content brings the most sale and what works for each stage of the buying cycle.


Finetune onboarding programs for new and experienced sales reps

Go from basic bootcamp to advanced sales training personalized to each seller’s skillset.

Also, utilize our tool to equip sales reps with the right closing skill that drive revenue.

As you can see, being a part of the early adopter program means you will be able to access present features as well as updates that will be made in the future.

Integration with 4

families of Tools

SalesDeck users will be able to combine the tool with 3 categories of software :

Customer relationship software such as Salesforce and Hubspot

Scripting and conversational tools like Gong, chorus

And task management tools such as Trello

Now, here’s the burning question…


How Do You Become a Member

of the Early Adopter Program?

By subscribing to any of the plans below, but before then we want to be transparent in our dealing, which is why you need to pay attention to what i am going to say next:

Price / user
1 year
One time fee
Save $100
Price / user
3 years
One time fee
$1 000
Save $800
Price / user
5 years
One time fee
$1 500
Save $1 500
Price / user
One time fee
$3 000 (nominative)
Save + $12 000

* Not contractual. Discount based on a $50 subscription for the minimum duration of the program


As a member of the early adopter program, you only gain access to features presented in the MVP at the moment, you will have to be patients for other features in the roadmap to be rolled out.

However, the features in the MVP are enough to transform your virtual selling experience while later features provided are aimed towards sales enablement.

With that said, here’s a summary of what you will CURRENTLY get as a member of the early-adopter program:

Access to Present Features at the MVP stage

User management

Company management

Access to meeting reports to improve future conversations

Deck and card management – Add different types of card to your deck : meeting start card, agenda validation card, successful deal card, charge deal card, task load card, sort success card, progress task card and team ranking card to control every virtual selling conversation.

Centralised management – centralised document management to aoid multiple versions, share document with the team before and after the meeting

Meeting and deal management – collaborate with your team to build, edit and improve deck using feedbacks from the top performers.

Community sharing features – share wins, comments and positive feedback with your community to keep everyone involved.

Every feature here equips you with what you need to prepare adn deliver effective customer meeting.

But if You Stick Around for Long, You Get Access to the Following Features in the Nearest Future

After-meeting features : content management tool, guided selling playbooks, post-meeting analytics, screen shares and video recording, integration with conversational tools such as gong, and chorus.

Access to APIS

Integration with 4 families of tools – scripting tools, task management tools, video conferencing tools, CRM.

Freedom to have a say in the product-development stage

Vote on the features you want to be implemented

Seamless sales team onboarding/training

Why become an early adopter ?

As you can see, you will be parting ways with a large discount over the planned priced ($50 minimum) to have SalesDeck as part and parcel of your sales system when every feature on the roadmap is up and running.

This is why you need to take action if you want to participate in this program.

The package for this program makes it difficult to have large numbers on board.

This is why subscriptions will be on a first-come, first-serve base.

So the earlier you get in…, the more time you will have to explore the platform and make your contributions.

So I ask you once again…

Are you an early adopter?

Do you want to be the first to use SalesDeck to deliver a well-prepared and engaging meeting?

 Do you want to surprise your customers by offering exactly what they want?

Do you want to use our innovative and super ergonomic interface to take quick notes, navigate your reports, and manage your sales teams?

 Do you want to close bigger deals faster?

If you answered YES, the early adopter program is for you!

Thanks.. and i look forward to welcoming you into the program

Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel.


You have more questions ?

Who Can Use SalesDeck?

SalesDeck is designed for business owners and B2B companies that require a video conferencing platform that adapts to their sales process. The list includes SaaS businesses, Retailers, Sales Coaches and Consultants.

Can I Cancel my Membership?

As we are making a special price for early adopter, any license purchase can’t be refunded.

Is SalesDeck Adoptable in a Team?

Yes! SalesDeck is designed for a sales team of up to more members.

Does SalesDeck Offer a Free Trial?

We do not offer any free trial yet, but it’s on our roadmap.

Join us for our product launch on the 13th of May 2022!