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Pricing and benefits

Price / user / month
1 year
One time fee
Save $100
Price / user / month
3 years
One time fee
$1 000
Save $800
Price / user / month
5 years
One time fee
$1 500
Save $1 500
Price / user / month
One time fee
$3 000 (nominative)
Save + $12 000

* Not contractual. Discount based on a $50 subscription for the minimum duration of the program

Join the program

Be part of a leading sales solution provider:

By joining the program you get all the features and APIs of SalesDeck as they are released.

For the duration of the program you will always get the most complete package regardless of the price.

You will contribute to our roadmap of upcoming features and APIs and vote on which features you want to see implemented first

You will benefit from all available training and premium content as they are released (not customized)


For businesses

(10 or more users)

You will also benefit from a one-day custom workshop to set up your deck and train your teams with one of our partner trainers

An extra day of coaching and one-on-one training per 10 users

Customer-driven and independent

By joining the Early Adopter program you contribute to SalesDeck’s ability to remain customer-driven and independent.

What is SalesDeck's story ?

SalesDeck was founded by Gabriel Dabi-Schwebel an entrepreneur passionate about marketing and sales, he loves designing methods and getting to see them in action. He has been funding the entire design and technical developments since January 2021 with his own funds from the profits of his marketing agency 1min30.

What does SalesDeck allow to do ?

SalesDeck allows sales teams to easily apply their sales process and progress collectively. SalesDeck makes it possible to revive the sales industry and make sales relationships more respectable.

To better serve its customers and its mission, SalesDeck intends to remain independent and not to call upon external investors. Expectations in terms of growth and profitability are no longer reasonable and are not in favor of the product.

Why should I join the early adopter program ?

By joining the Early Adopter program you are enabling us to invest in the first few years to build a product that will genuinely help you make win-win sales with your customers.

Of course there will be bugs, important features that won’t be available right away, delays in the roadmap, etc. and we appreciate your patience for that, but please know that we’ll always do our best with the technical and customer support team to solve them as quickly as possible with the best will.

We hope you’ll enjoy being part of our community and reinventing sales with us. We look forward to your contributions to our community, your input, your feedback and your tips and tricks to sell without selling out.

Thank you for your support.


They already support us

EN Thibault_Aliadière
I’m impressed by the simplicity of the SalesDeck interface and its card system that can significantly increase my team’s CVR and get our new employees up and running in no time. I can’t wait to test the solution and assess its ROI.

Thibault Aliadière

Head of Sales, Doctolib
(the largest french unicorn)

EN Mike Shultz

What is the biggest virtual selling challenge for seller ?
At 91% they answer gaining a buyer’s attention and keeping buyer engaged virtually !

Mike Shultz

President of Rain Group

EN Matt Sharrers

While most companies have announced their transition to a remote sales model, many still struggle with what it truly entails to virtually enable their teams.

Matt Sharrers



We’ve been waiting for a platform to revolutionize sales training and sales enablement!
Sales Deck delivers on this promise with a fun and pragmatic approach to implementing structured, tool-based sales processes.

Régine Blanchard

Co-founder The Sales Machine


Getting account executives engaged in defining a consistent sales process is one thing. Implementation and follow up is where SalesDeck played a key role.

The whole team is now able to nail down what works and what needs improvement. SalesDeck became critical to assess our whole sales process. The gamification part made everyone adopt it in no time.

Jonas Couffignal

Head of Growth – Iconosquare


CSOs expect 58% of the sales force will remain operating virtual by the end of 2021 (up from 24% working virtually prepandemic).

Gartner Group

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