Early adopter

Partner program

Join the SalesDeck Partner Program to grow your sales training business and help revamp the sales industry.

Develop your sales training business (Sales Training Service Provider)

SalesDeck is the ideal partner for your sales training business. It allows you to :

Formalize the sales processes you defined with your customers in the form of cards

Organize role plays to ensure that your sales reps are comfortable with their customer meetings

To review the course of the meetings and to move the sales process forward as the meetings progress

For your clients

SalesDeck’s benefits

Sell directly to your customer

We invoice your customers directly and you get a 20% commision for each sales.
You also add the support offer of your choice

Accompany our clients

We will offer you a one-day training session at a cost of $1 500
You’ll take part in a training and coaching program developed together
You will contribute to improving the training program for the greater satisfaction of the clients

For the sales industry

Contribute in making the sales industry better

Are you qualified to be a SalesDeck partner?

You have an established and recognized sales training business

You adhere to our values of responsible selling and commit to not promoting sales techniques that are not respectful of your customers

You have subscribed to a lifetime membership for yourself or 10 bronze members for your team of trainers.

You agree to contribute to the improvement of SalesDeck and the methods of training and coaching customers in cooperation with all members of the partner program

Early Adopter Affiliate Program

Are you a sales influencer who finds SalesDeck  innovative and helps make sales more responsible?

Help spread the world about SalesDeck and our Early Adopter program

How can I package my offer ?

Imagine a customized gift for your community that you offer in addition to the SalesDeck subscription (your book, a training, or something else)


How the partnership is working ?

You promote SalesDeck, its Early Adopter program and your customized offer.

Your customers sign up for our Early Adopter program with your discount coupon.

We give you the names of the customers who’ve used your coupon so that you can give them their customized offer.

How much do I earn on each deal ?

We give you back 10% of their subscription (from 100 to $300 per user)

If more than 50 users are subscribed thanks to you we will offer you a lifetime subscription (value $15000 minimum on 25 years).

Grow your sales training business today