Sales Presentation Training: Present Powerful Pitches that Create Impact

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Even though sales presentations are the #1 ways for businesses to close deals and make money, they’re often poorly delivered, and customers walk away without asking for the next step. Hence, sales professionals chase after training courses that promises to improve their presentation skills.

A couple of problems encountered during presentations include – keeping a high energy level for long, staying focused amid distraction, keeping attendees engaged, and getting rid of anxiety – especially for introverts.

Knowing good presentation tactics will help you hook customers from the get-go, which improves deal closing rate and customer rapport. Whether physical or virtual presentations, our selection of sales presentation strategies will provide you with the best practice for easing nervousness and delivering a razor-sharp pitch.

5 Basic Tips for Better Sales Presentation

#1. Create a Pre-presentation Ritual

Sales professionals lament the difficulty in keeping a high energy level throughout a 1-hour presentation. There are a lot of reasons for energy dips during public speaking. The usual suspects include caffeine, drugs, anxiety, lack of self-belief or not getting enough rest a night before.

Creating a pre-presentation ritual can help you solve all of these problems. Here are some activities to practice before your presentation:

  • Drink a bottle of water before going into the presentation room
  • Get 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night before
  • Practice deep breathing 30 minutes before the presentation
  • Listen to calming music
  • Do some stretches or relaxation exercises for 20 – 30 minutes

Do all of this, and you will be able to maintain your energy level, for far longer than you’ve ever done.

#2 Send the agenda Before the Meeting

Keeping your audience in suspense will help build curiosity but, at the same time, hinders their preparation. For instance, they will have to come up with questions and objections on the spot and might end up asking the wrong ones.

Hence, sharing the agenda ahead of the meeting gives them enough room to brainstorm intelligent questions and concerns regarding the purchase. We’ve been aiming to push this narrative among sales teams, which is why as a SaleDeck user, you can grant customers access to the agenda ahead of the meeting.

#3. Benefits over Features

A feature is when we say, “you can use the deck system on SalesDeck to design your sales process,” while a benefit is when we say, “it will help sales reps go from new hire to close the deal in 6 weeks”.

Features are what your product has, while benefits are the result it provides for the user. For a customer-focused presentation, try to paint a picture of what life would look like after using your product. Would it help them make more money? Help them save time? Or perhaps it helps them close more deals like Salesdeck does. Whatever that’s ensure you don’t bury it out in your presentation

#4 Make Eye Contact

Positive eye control helps build a connection with your audience, building trust, and engagement. While nervousness can prevent amateur Sales professionals from doing so, increased eye contact echoes confidence, and your audience can read through your intent.

But then, when speaking to a large group, it’s important to move your eyes from one person to another rather than fixating on just one person in the room.

#5 Practice Hard

Nervousness is a big issue when presenting to large groups. A lot of reps struggle to get their heart rates down which prospect reads as a lack of confidence in the product. Fortunately, practicing in front of a mirror or a colleague at work can teach you how to calm the elephant in your chest.

Remember, the first delivery is always scrappy, but it gets better with the second, third and fourth. Ensure the first three are done in front of someone that can offer feedback e.g a sales manager. Your audience should only get to see the fourth delivery – which will be the best of the pick.


Good presentation skill is vital to the success of every sales professional. Without it, it’s difficult to convince prospective clients to do business. However, signing up for a presentation course or sales training workshop doesn’t guarantee sales success. What matters is if you’re willing to put what you’ve learned into practice.

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