6 Examples of Sales Follow-Up Email Templates

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Sales professionals know that networking events are an excellent opportunity to make new contacts and build relationships. A personalized sales follow-up email can help you stay top of mind with potential clients and keep the momentum going from your networking event.

To craft an effective follow-up email, start by identifying the pain points that your product or service can address. Then, use those pain points to create a subject line that will stand out in an inbox crowded with other emails. In the body of your email, highlight how your product or service can help solve the buyer’s problem. And be sure to include a strong call to action, such as requesting a meeting or sending more information.

This article will show you the templates you can use for your sales follow-up email. With little personalization and customization, these templates will help you follow up on your previous sales email. 

Sales Follow Up Email Subject Lines

Now that you have known the essence of a sales follow-up email, you need to know the importance of a subject line. Why is it important? It is the first thing that’ll appear before your prospects when they receive your email. A well-crafted subject line will ensure that your email doesn’t enter your prospects’ spam folders.

Below are examples of subject lines divided into groups based on the type of sales follow-up you’re writing. When you use these examples, it will increase your email open rate.  

Sales Email Subject Lines After No Response

  • Still have interest in our service?
  • Any changes in our initial talk?
  • It takes two to tango.
  • Let’s cut to the basics.

Sales Email Subject Lines For General Follow Up

  • How can we help achieve your [business goal]?
  • Ten easy tactics to improve [objective]
  • Let’s have a quick 10 min call on this?
  • [name], quick question
  • [name] recommended we chat

The critical takeaway: You can see that all the subject lines are personalized and short. It shows that sales professionals need to arouse curiosity in their cold emails. 

6 Examples of Follow-Up Email Templates

Email follow-up is an essential part of any email campaign. Whether you’re sending out a newsletter, emailing a prospect’s company after they purchase, or following up with leads, the following follow-up email templates can help keep your communication organized and consistent. Here are 6 examples to get you started: 

Template ♯1: Sales Follow-Up Email After A Sales Meeting

Sending a follow-up after a meeting is a great way to remind your prospects who you are and how resourceful you can be to them. For instance, you can have a meeting with prospects on Google Meet, Zoom, and others. You might feel confident after the meeting if the potential client is convinced about your pitch. You can even start dreaming about how to spend the commission check. Then boom! The client doesn’t respond to your previous email. You can send that follow-up email to tell them about the next step.

If you also promised to share some essential documents or introduce them to your superiors in the industry, you can use a sales follow-up email. This is a fantastic way to make your way forward, and your new connection will feel overwhelmingly satisfied.

There is no need to be formal when sending a sales follow-up email after a phone call; just show gratitude. Here’s a handy template on following up with prospects after a sales meeting.

Hey {{Name}},

It was great meeting this afternoon.

1.) Here’s a handy Business One Pager you can print and send to anyone in the department.

2.) I’ve attached the full slide deck in a PowerPoint to this email.

3.) I’ve also attached the full custom SEO report on your website. Feel free to share this around the team.

Template ♯2: Sales follow-Up Email After A Trigger Event

Has the person you’d love to work with opened your previous email? Use this opportunity to share your plan on how you could work together with your new connection. Your trigger event is when potential customers open your previous email, click on a link, and visit your site. 

Use your follow-up email to strike while the lead is hot and get them in your sales funnel. You can use some form of tracking and analytics tools on your sales email and sales phone call. It’ll help you know your open rates. Here’s a handy template on following up with prospects after a sales meeting.

Hi {{Name}},

I noticed that a few people from your team were looking at our {{Specific name of product/page}} page this week, which is about/covers/details {{Describe the page and the function of the product}}.

Do you have 5-10 minutes to discuss what solutions you and your team are exploring? If so, how does your calendar look this week?

Template ♯3: Sales Follow-Up Email After You Tweak An Email

Another situation that calls for a sales follow-up email is when you need to make minor tweaks to your message. For instance, changing the word structure or changing the recipient at your prospect’s company might get you the desired result. 

Do not freak out if you have a long list of companies and not closing deals. Studies have shown that a minor tweak to your sales process can increase your email open rate. Here’s a handy template on following up with prospects after a sales meeting.

Hi {{Name}},

I constantly review business relationships in my CRM. Typically if I don’t hear back from someone for 30 days, it means they’re either really busy or just not interested.

If you’re not interested, please let me know and I’ll promptly close your tab in our CRM to never bother you with {{company}} sales emails again.

1 – “Sorry, I was really swamped but I’m still interested…” 

0 – “Please close my tab, I’m not interested…

Template ♯4: Sales Follow-Up Email After Leaving A Voicemail

Voicemail and email go together like bread and butter. It’s not a crime to leave potential customers a voicemail or two. There is no shame in it; it can work in your favor if you feel you can address their pain points through audio. However, it doesn’t guarantee that they will respond. 

If you want to increase your chance of getting a response, your sales rep can send a sales follow-up email once you leave a voicemail. Should I tell you a secret? Studies have shown that this type of follow-up email has an 80% response rate within 24 hours. Below is the email template to use to achieve the result. Here’s a handy template on following up with prospects after a sales meeting.

Hi {{Name}},

It was great meeting you at the Entrepreneurs’ Sales Meeting in Paris last night. I enjoyed hearing your story of how you got into tech industry and learning about how your business is growing.

Thanks for recommending the [product’s name]. I’m definitely going to reach out for some advice once I get the chance.

In the meantime, I remember you mentioned that you’ve been having trouble with getting clients outside of Paris. I took some time to look into what other tech leaders I know are doing and I have a few solutions I think I could help you out with. I’d love to talk more about this and even introduce you to some of them.

Let me know if you’re interested and we can get on the phone sometime this week around noon.


{{Your Name}}

Template ♯5: Sales Follow-Up Email After A Trade Show, Conference, or Networking Event

When you attend a trade show, conference, networking event, or any other events in your related industry, you’ll get an enormous chance to connect with likes minds. If they show interest in your business product or service, your sales team will find a follow-up email easy to write. Use this chance to give additional information on your product or service. It’ll be full of potential customers, and you can easily hit your target market.

Why is it essential to send within 24 hours? You’ll be fresh in their minds, and it’ll be easy to close deals or convert them to partners. Here is the email template to use to get the job done. Here’s a handy template on following up with prospects after a sales meeting.

Dear {{Name}},

It was a pleasure to meet you at the Downtown NYC Networking event last week. Even though we hold some contrasting views, hearing your viewpoint on maximizing current opportunities was very enlightening.

As a follow-up, I wanted to attach a white paper authored by Seabury Enterprises. It references some of the topics we discussed; if you think it makes sense to have a further conversation regarding what we could do to collaborate, let’s plan to meet again soon. I’m including a link to my online calendar and will follow up with you to discuss meeting for lunch or coffee.


{{Your Name}}

Template ♯6: Sales Follow-Up Email After Your First Discussion

Did you meet a potential customer and go through with your sales pitch? You can’t rest after you send your first cold email. Sending a powerful first sales follow-up email can’t be overemphasized. You should show potential customers that you value their time and explain how your partnership will benefit each party. 

Here’s a tip for you. Move the conversation forward and provide a compelling reason for a response. Use the below email template to follow up on your first discussion. 

Dear {{Name}},

Thank you for taking time for a demo of our marketing automation platform. I appreciated hearing about the pain points your team faces regarding segmenting prospects; receiving feedback helps us to better understand customers’ needs and customize their experience with the platform.

I’ve attached a case study to this email regarding the success one of your fellow financial institutions experienced when fine-tuning their segmentation and creating content that resonated with their prospects.

When can we schedule a follow-up conversation with our team so we can dive into the platform’s segmentation abilities in greater detail?

I look forward to hearing from you and will follow up later this week to schedule a demo.


{{Your Name}}

Bonus Tip

Who is in charge of warming your leads? You should have a system that uses some well-structured teamwork if you don’t know the answer. Your marketing and sales team should work together to warm up leads. 

In this setup, the sales manager is responsible for bridging the marketing and sales teams. Understanding other groups’ actions will ensure that you don’t overflow potential customers’ inboxes with messages from different teams from the same company.

Sales professionals should also keep a track and log system. It’ll help to ensure every follow-up is accurately scheduled and executed. You can also create spreadsheets and calendar reminders if your sales rep is proficient in Microsoft Excel. Most importantly, have your materials ready to have exciting information at hand so that the sales rep will have exciting details. The sales rep will use the data to craft unique and personalized sales follow-up emails.


From the templates mentioned above, it’s vivid that sales professionals need to have an objective in mind when tailoring your cold email. For your sales follow-up email, it’s essential to be genuine and specific. Your sales rep should send the sales follow-up email templates within 24 hours after initial contact for optimal results. It’ll help you seal and strengthen the deal you already discussed in your first meeting with your new connections.  

Conclusively, following up with potential and current customers is key to a successful sales process.

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