Were you invited to a meeting on SalesDeck?
Find out why it will be more effective for you…

Have you previously had bad experiences in previous customer meetings?

Dealing with salespeople who talk throughout the meeting (and don’t you dare interrupt!)?

Asking for important information that you can’t get?

Eventually, you almost always get the feeling that you’ve wasted your time.

By opting for SalesDeck, your host has chosen to do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening.

Find out how your buying experience can be upgraded!

adapt your deck
adapt your deck

With SalesDeck

Your Video Meetings Are More Professional

Before the meeting

During the meeting

After the meeting

You already know what you’ll be talking about:
You receive the objective of the meeting and the agenda
You can easily participate and keep up with the conversation:
With your hand you can ask questions to your host, react with the emojis or takes notes during the meeting
You have all the information you need to make your decision:
You receive the reporting of the meeting
You can access the board of the meeting with all the documents

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Connecting to SalesDeck is Easy!

3 ways

2 screens

1 screen


adapt your deck
adapt your deck
adapt your deck
3 ways to connect to SalesDeck:
2 screens
1 screen
Your mobile phone + 1 desktop screen
On your computer with 2 screens:
Simply click on the SalesDeck link in addition to the link to your video meeting tool. On your screen, you’ll see the same thing as your salesperson and interact!
If you only have one screen:
You can use the picture-in-picture option of your video conferencing tool to see your salesperson at the same time.
From your mobile:
You can click on the SalesDeck link while your salesperson shares their screen. You can react and answer questions on your mobile device.
adapt your deck
adapt your deck
adapt your deck


Easily Allows You to Interact With Your Salesperson!


In the App



You can quickly express how you feel with emojis:
I’m OK
I’m thinking
I’m confused
Can I speak ?
You can interact with your salesperson by answering questions in the app:
Open-ended questions
Multiple choices questions
Single choice questions
You can take notes:
On what’s important to you and share them with your salesperson.
You can benefit from the ready-to-play cards:
Cards that your salesperson has the possibility to prepare before the meeting.

Ready to start creating frictionless and engaging customer meetings?

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