Dynamite your Buyers During Visio Calls And Achieve Sales Excellence

Stuck with exhausting customer meetings with never-ending Powerpoint screen sharing, webcams off, and long monologues? With SalesDeck, you can run engaging and successful customer meetings while making it easier more than ever to model your playbook, train and reinforce your team to apply your sales methodology, and level up your results.

Works With :

adapt your deck
adapt your deck
adapt your deck


All-in-One Sales Enablement Solution





The first step of the process is to modelize your playbook with the cards
Create the objective of the meeting
Create the agenda cards of the meeting
Create closed-ended questions

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Before the meeting, train with your team in order to ensure to feel comfortable with the sales process and answer new objections :
Choose who will play the coach, the seller and the buyer
Choose the deck you want to play with
Roleplay with your team
Be a better team player, so you can be ready for your client meetings
Run more engaging successful customers meetings that close :
Before the meeting : send the meeting agenda to your buyer
During the meeting: engage and interact with your customers using cards, and communicate more efficiently and transparently while adopting and adhering to the sales process
After the meeting: send the meeting minutes to your buyer and automatically update your crm

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During your Sales meeting, review your Sales team's meetings and improve the decks in order to close more deals :
Review the meeting board with your team
See the client’s objections and how to answer them
Improve the deck for upcoming meetings

Sales Methodology

Sales Methodology

Works Perfectly With Sales Methodologies You’re Already Using






Challenger Sale

Challenger Sale

Winning by Design


Grow your Sales and Cut Costs by Deploying Your Sales Methodology with SalesDeck

Hiring a remote sales team
of Sales
to hit their target

Best individual practices

Salespeople can use SalesDeck to better prepare their meetings while having the right questions to ask and the appropriate responses to objections. In the meantime, notes can easily be taken to keep a record of each meeting!

Higher team performance

With SalesDeck, you can share your top performers’ best practices with your entire team and optimize them meeting after meeting. The whole team can then adopt a common meeting structure and improve it collectively.
Hiring a remote sales team
of buyers
will turn down
a salesperson if they don’t have customized information
Hiring a remote sales team

of a training
is no longer retained after 60 days

New recruits can now be operational faster

Onboarding new salespeople is much faster and more efficient thanks to SalesDeck! New recruits quickly learn from the best practices of their more experienced colleagues in order to succeed in their meetings.

More persuasive buyer advocates

With SalesDeck, your buyer advocates are more capable of defending your solutions internally. They have access to all the elements presented during the meeting: questions/answers, documents … all the supporting information at hand!
Hiring a remote sales team
of sales
find it difficult
to gain buyers’ attention
Hiring a remote sales team
in 70%
of the cases
a lack of insights
affects the outcome of a business agreement

Partners who can outsell your solutions

With SalesDeck, your sales partners are no longer left unprepared when they present your solutions. They have everything they need to be able to successfully sell your solutions, even on an occasional basis: discovery questions, pitches, battle cards.

More loyal employees

SalesDeck makes it easier for you to arrange remote work because all meetings are well documented and have a consistent reporting system. As a result, remote management is more efficient and employees are more satisfied.

Hiring a remote sales team
of those surveyed
believe their employee
will continue to support remote work after covid

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EN Thibault_Aliadière
I’m impressed by the simplicity of the SalesDeck interface and its card system that can significantly increase my team’s CVR and get our new employees up and running in no time. I can’t wait to test the solution and assess its ROI.

Thibault Aliadière

Head of Sales, Doctolib
(the largest french unicorn)

EN Mike Shultz

What is the biggest virtual selling challenge for seller ?
At 91% they answer gaining a buyer’s attention and keeping buyer engaged virtually !

Mike Shultz

President of Rain Group

EN Matt Sharrers

While most companies have announced their transition to a remote sales model, many still struggle with what it truly entails to virtually enable their teams.

Matt Sharrers



We’ve been waiting for a platform to revolutionize sales training and sales enablement!
Sales Deck delivers on this promise with a fun and pragmatic approach to implementing structured, tool-based sales processes.

Régine Blanchard

Co-founder The Sales Machine


Getting account executives engaged in defining a consistent sales process is one thing. Implementation and follow up is where SalesDeck played a key role.

The whole team is now able to nail down what works and what needs improvement. SalesDeck became critical to assess our whole sales process. The gamification part made everyone adopt it in no time.

Jonas Couffignal

Head of Growth – Iconosquare


CSOs expect 58% of the sales force will remain operating virtual by the end of 2021 (up from 24% working virtually prepandemic).

Gartner Group