From Sales Methodology to Closing !

Implementing a sales methodology is key to improving your sales efficiency but most salespeople don’t apply it correctly. SalesDeck Sales Methodology Enablement Platform, makes it easier than ever to model your playbook, train and reinforce your team, and run engaging successful customer meetings that close.

adapt your deck
adapt your deck

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SalesDeck structures and gamifies customer meetings

Before the meeting : better preparation
Prepare your decks in advance with all the topics you need to adress during your meetings
Send the goal and the agenda of the meeting in advance to your buyer
During the meeting : more buyer engagement
Engage and interact with your customers with the card system

Communicate more efficiently and transparently

Adopt and adhere to the sales processes

After the meeting : better documentation
Send the minute of the meeting to your buyer and automatically update your CRM

Improve and develop your decks easily based on experience feedback



SalesDeck benefits everyone

Sales managers and sales ops can finally:

Establish sales processes that will actually be applied.

Be sure that the whole team tells the same story during customer meetings and that the customer experience is standardized and consistent.
Manage in other ways than basic reporting and to easily train and coach all sales team.

The sales teams will now:

Wave goodbye to time-consuming tasks such as reporting and updating the CRM.

Compare and challenge not only each other but compete with all SalesDeck users.

The customers have never found it easier to:

Track progress, have more visibility on customer meetings, and have better control over them.

Receive automatic reporting post-meeting.

To easily share meeting summary and include new participants.


SalesDeck can be integrated with the tools you already use

Your video conferencing platforms:

Your CRM:

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They’re supporting our vision

EN Thibault_Aliadière
I’m impressed by the simplicity of the SalesDeck interface and its card system that can significantly increase my team’s CVR and get our new employees up and running in no time. I can’t wait to test the solution and assess its ROI.

Thibault Aliadière

Head of Sales, Doctolib
(the largest french unicorn)

EN Mike Shultz

What is the biggest virtual selling challenge for seller ?
At 91% they answer gaining a buyer’s attention and keeping buyer engaged virtually !

Mike Shultz

President of Rain Group

EN Matt Sharrers

While most companies have announced their transition to a remote sales model, many still struggle with what it truly entails to virtually enable their teams.

Matt Sharrers



We’ve been waiting for a platform to revolutionize sales training and sales enablement!
Sales Deck delivers on this promise with a fun and pragmatic approach to implementing structured, tool-based sales processes.

Régine Blanchard

Co-founder The Sales Machine


Getting account executives engaged in defining a consistent sales process is one thing. Implementation and follow up is where SalesDeck played a key role.

The whole team is now able to nail down what works and what needs improvement. SalesDeck became critical to assess our whole sales process. The gamification part made everyone adopt it in no time.

Jonas Couffignal

Head of Growth – Iconosquare


CSOs expect 58% of the sales force will remain operating virtual by the end of 2021 (up from 24% working virtually prepandemic).

Gartner Group


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Sales reps can focus on the only task that matters – closing more deals rather than memorizing boring scripts that don’t break through the wall of customer objections.